About Gubby


Gubby is a very well established rider and is widely regarded for his ability to produce young horses right the way up to the the highest level of the sport (5*).  He has a quiet but very effective style of riding that brings out the best of the horses that he rides and competes.

Gubby grew up on his parents farm near Salisbury and has ridden pony's since he could walk!  Although not from family steeped in Eventing history his competitive nature, hard work and determination has driven him to become one of the elite event riders for Great Britain. 

Gubby has Pippa Funnell to thank a lot for, as she took a rather clueless 19 year old on back in 2002 and he did a hugely valuable stint in one of the worlds best yards and gained a real insight on how a professional yard is run and what was involved in every aspect of becoming a top class event rider.  He was incredibly lucky to be involved in Pippa's 2003 Grand Slam team led then by the amazing head girl Zanie King.  Talent is not enough in eventing, you need the right temperament and resilience to cope with ups and downs the sport throws at you.

Gubby has had his fair share of ups and downs, in 2010 he was entered into Badminton on this top horse at the time Caetano and he sadly sustained a injury weeks before the event.  Gubby also had a forced 6 months out of the saddle in 2015 after a bad rotational fall at Rackham horse trials off a young horse which left him in intensive care for a few days and a long stay in hospital.  This really gave him time to reflect and make a few changes going forward after his recovery.  Gubby believes all these experiences happen for a reason and has made him a better rider for it.

Gubby has been based at the beautiful Clarendon Park Estate in Wiltshire since 2009 and has built up a fantastic team and support network.  Gubby and his wife Sarah have three Children, Olivia, Jack and Skye and live five minutes away from the yard in the lovely village of Farley.

Gubby has regular training with Lizzie Murray, William Fox-Pitt and Damian Hallam and is hugely grateful to them for all the help and support they give him.

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